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Everything you need to know about Council's Section 603 Certificates

Section 603 Certificate information

Submit your Section 603 Certificate applications online and make payments through our easy-to-use self-service portal. 


Download user guide

Lodge applications at any time, make online payments and view the status of your application. 

You will also receive an email notification once your certificate is available for download in the portal. Certificate updates will be made through the portal and instantly available to you, including the total amount due and daily average consumption.

Payments will be made online through our secure NAB portal. Payment will be required at lodgment of the Section 603 Certificate request.

The fee to be charged for a certificate under Section 603 of the Act will be increased to $95 for the 2023/24 financial year.

Riverina Water will implement a modest increase to availability and water consumption from 1 July 2023. For further information, please view our fees and charges.

Riverina Water has a 14-day turnaround time for the certificate to be issued.

Please contact us with any questions during this transition. 

Online portal user guide

Navigate to “Submit an Application”, select Section 603 Certificate.

The next step is to add a primary location, which is done by selecting the button and then searching for a property via the address or legal description.

After adding the location, provide additional information on your application before proceeding to the next screen. Please note that the Lot, Section and Deposited Number must match the property address. If your details are correct and you still receive an error regarding the legal description, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Upload additional files if required.

On the final screen, you will see a summary of your application. Please select “submit” and confirm your submission. You will then receive an email advising you of the submitted application and one noting you have fees due. Navigate to “My Fees” to make your payment.

In your application you will either have a pending task for you to complete or a milestone at which means a Riverina Water employee is actioning. The three milestones are listed below.

  • Application Fees due - Payment must be made at lodgement. The certificate will not progress until payment is received in full. 
  • Certificate Requested – Customer Service Team receive the application and request a special read.
  • Certificate Available – View details tab, click on ‘attachments’ and download the certificate.

You can lodge multiple Section 603 applications and pay for them in one credit card transaction or select to pay individual applications.

IMPORTANT: On the second credit card payment screen, you must click the link on the page to navigate back to the portal. Do not close the web browser or your payment and application will not be processed correctly.

To view your Section 603 Certificate the current milestone status must state certificate available. Click view details tab, click on ‘attachments’ and download the certificate.

After 4 July 2023, The Customer Service team will no longer provide verbal certificate updates to solicitors. Certificate updates will be updated via the portal, at the click of a button.

Once the certificate is available, click on ‘request update’. View details tab, click on ‘certificate update’ the portal will generate the most recent water account details same day. An update can be processed multiple times and will be accessible at all hours.

Requesting An Update INstructions

Riverina Water has a 14-day turnaround time for the certificate to be issued.

Certificates will expire 3 months after the date of application.

Online portal troubleshooting

Check your email junk folder for a link to activate your account.

You must activate your account via this link to log in and use the system.

Search under the Lot and DP. If you are still unable to find the property then please contact our Customer Service Team on 02 6922 0608.

Check your email junk folder and status of application in the portal.