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Documents on public exhibition

The Delivery Program is a four-year statement of commitment to the community from the elected Board. It details the specific strategies that Riverina Water will implement to help achieve the community’s priorities and goals. 

The Operational Plan is reviewed and developed yearly. It details the specific actions, projects and program that Riverina Water will undertake; including pricing, budgets and capital works.

Riverina Water’s access charge will remain at $160 per annum for the fourth straight year, while a modest increase in water usage costs has been proposed of 1.5% (about 8$ increase on a typical yearly residential bill).

The draft documents include an investment of more than $79M into capital works over the next four years. In 2022-23, there will be $5.67M spent on mains, services and meters; $4.83M on treatment plant costs; and $875,000 on reservoirs.

This document is on public exhibition until 27 May 2022

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The draft Development Servicing Plan for Water Supply has been placed on public exhibition, with a proposed reduction in charges.

The Development Servicing Charge was frozen in 2021-22 with the fee reducing from $5053 per Equivalent Tenant to the proposed $4348 in 2022-23.

This document is on public exhibition until 27 May 2022

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This Code of Meeting Practice incorporates the mandatory provisions of the Model Meeting Code and some optional provisions as determined by the Board.

The Board and any committees of the council of which all the members are board members, must conduct its meetings in accordance with this Code of Meeting Practice. 

This document is on public exhibition until 27 May 2022

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Riverina Water has developed a draft ten year Business Activity Strategic Plan (BASP).

The BASP outlines Council’s strategic priorities for the next ten years and identifies the strategies Council will adopt to achieve those priorities.

The BASP is a local water utility’s (LWU’s) strategy for implementing the priorities from its 30-year Integrated Water Cycle Management Plan (IWCMP). It ensures that Council aligns itself to the provision of appropriate, affordable, cost-effective and sustainable urban water services that meet community needs and protect public health and the environment.

This document is on public exhibition until 31 May 2022

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