Guidelines to determine water service connections

It is important you read these and our other guidelines in conjunction with each other.

Application for Water Service Connection (New, Upgrade or Change of Use)

An application for a water service should be made by completing appropriate sections of the form online or by contacting us.

Riverina Water requires correct development plans and information to ensure that the appropriate water infrastructure is provided and that all fees and charges are accurate. Assumptions based upon inadequate plans and information is not likely to provide a satisfactory outcome, and will therefore not be evaluated or approved for water supply by Riverina Water.

Any requests made to Riverina Water without having the correct plans submitted will not proceed, until the appropriate plans and information is supplied. It is the responsibility of the owner/developer to ensure that all the appropriate plans are provided to Riverina Water, to ensure a timely response to enquiries for all design and quotation purposes.

The following is a list of all the necessary information required with all applications submitted to Riverina Water for proposed or continued water supply:

Full set of to-scale plans for the proposed development

Plans must include the following as appropriate:

  •  Title Block
  •  Full extents of development
  •  Development title
  •  Lot size
  •  Lot Number/Property address
  •  Scale bar
  •  Full set of Mechanical/Civil/ Electrical/Hydraulic drawings
  •  Overall site and locality plan
  •  Detailed floor plans and elevations
  •  Floor areas
  •  North point
  •  Road Names
  •  Overall master plan (Subdivisions or multiple developments only)
  •  Type of development/land use
  •  Copy of lodged Development Application at constituent council (i.e. Wagga Wagga City Council)
  •  Size of connections, both domestic and fire. Riverina Water does not determine size of connections for industrial or commercial developments
  •  Proposed location of new services

Other requirements and considerations prior to work commencing

  • A Statement of Fees being obtained from Riverina Water through the submission of "Application for Water Supply - New, Upgrade or Change of Use" along with all relevant plans and documentation for the development. One Statement of Fees will be provided per development only. A Statement of Fees will only be addressed to a principle developer or contractor. Plumbers may obtain a copy of this by contacting the principle contractor or developer.
  • A Statement of Fees is only valid until the end of the financial year in which it was created. This also applies if an invoice has already been generated, and the end of the financial year has lapsed. All outstanding invoices and Statement of Fees will no longer be valid, and a re-application will need to be completed.
  • Riverina Water is responsible for making determinations on trickle feed, or limited supply.
  • Riverina Water serves to the boundary of the property being supplied. Exemptions in extraordinary circumstances by the Director of Engineering at Riverina Water only.
  • Residential lots are entitled to one connection only.
  • No connections to a Riverina Water water main sized less than 100mm will be approved. Exemptions in extraordinary circumstances by the Director of Engineering at Riverina Water only.
  • No new master meter or subtract meter systems will be approved, in urban or rural areas. Opportunistic corrections regarding master meter systems will be evaluated on a case-by-case process. Applications should be made to the Works Engineer at Riverina Water.
  • Any connections involving the crossing of a Rail Corridor (Functional or Redundant) should contact Riverina Water's Works Engineer for more information. Typically these connections will be hugely cost and time involved.
  • In order to remain or become a customer of Riverina Water - any commercial / industrial development MUST obtain a Certificate of Compliance from Riverina Water prior to drawing water from the authorities main. Obtaining
  • this certificate may require payment of applicable S64 Developer Servicing Charges for a new development, or a change of use.
  • Any additional reticulation work required to be installed or upgraded in order to supply the proposed development must be met by the developer.
  • Commercial / Industrial properties may obtain one domestic connection in addition to a designated Fire Service.
  • A Plumbing Permit must be taken out by the plumber with Riverina Water prior to the commencement of any onsite plumbing work.
  • Riverina Water does not permit direct pumping out of mains under any circumstances. The internal hydraulics should be designed accordingly. 

Backflow Prevention must be considered in accordance with Policy 2.1, Backflow Prevention Policy