Donations & Sponsorship

Financial support for eligible community projects, events and initiatives

Each year, Riverina Water supports a wide range of community initiatives in our supply area through both donations and sponsorship.

Signficant requests should be referred to our annual grants program, which is more suitable to these types of projects and funding amounts.

Application process and donation requirements

All donation requests must be submitted in writing using the donation application form.

Riverina Water will aim to respond to your request within 10 working days. If you are unable to complete the form online, contact our Community Engagement Officer at or 6922 0608.

Some requests need to be considered by the Board, which only meets every two months. Please allow for this timeframe in your planning. 

Please refer to our Donations Policy for additional information. 

Applicants must be eligible under the Donations Policy and address the criteria in the application form.

Applications will be assessed on their merit, including the project to be funded and its objectives.

Consideration will be given to whether the applicant has already received similar funding when assessing the application.

As per the Donations Policy, Riverina Water may not approve funding for the full amount requested.

Successful applications for a donation will receive an email of approval confirming the donation amount in line with the project details.

Successful applicants are required to do the following:

  • Email a tax invoice to within 10 working days
  • If usage of Riverina Water logo or promotional material is required or offered, email the request to All usage of corporate branding is to be approved by Riverina Water before publication or distribution.
  • Following the completion of the project, recipients are to provide images, video or media coverage to Riverina Water to demonstrate the program, service or events in action. Copies of applicable receipts/invoices may be requested by Riverina Water.

If there is a business reason for a Riverina Water representative to attend in an official capacity such as a guest speaker or award presenter, please email details to Please note tickets for events, functions, shows etc cannot be accepted by Riverina Water and will be politely declined.

Organisations are not required to use the Riverina Water logo as part of a program, service or event, or related promotion materials for donations.

If an organisation wishes to use the Riverina Water logo, requests can emailed to

The Riverina Water Community Engagement Officer must approve logo placement in line with the Riverina Water Brand Style Guide.

All artwork can be emailed to for approval during the draft stage.

Recipients of a Riverina Water donation may be required to complete an acquittal for the donation. The acquittal report will include a brief project report and financial acquittal within one month of the project’s completion.

The acquittal must:

  • Provide photos, video or media coverage demonstrating funds acquittal eg the program, service or events in action
  • Provide copies of receipts/invoices where applicable

Donation application form

All applications for donations will be assessed in accordance with Riverina Water’s Donation Policy.

Riverina Water aims to respond to donation requests within 10 working days of receiving them. Please ensure you have allowed sufficient time for your application to be assessed, particularly if it has been posted.

All sections in this application form must be completed. Please insert N/A if not applicable to your organisation.

Attachments and supporting material may be included in your application (eg formal letter, letters of support, sponsorship packages, designs or plans etc).

Apply for a donation

Organisation information

Details of donation request
Contact details
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