Why is my bill high?

Better understand why your bill is higher than expected.

Why is my bill high?

A leak is the most common cause for a spike in water consumption. 

How to check for a water leak. 

1. Turn of all running taps in your house. This includes ensuring your washing machine or dishwasher is off. 

2. Write down the number on the dial of your water meter. 

3. Don't use water for a few hours. 

4. Before you use water again check the dial on the water meter again. 

If any numbers have changed this is an indication that you might have a water leak. 

You should call a licensed plumber to identify and fix the problem. 

Slow leaks can also contribute to a high bill, check around your home for the following: 

  • Dripping taps 
  • Leaking toilet 
  • Leaking hot water system 
  • Damp patches in the lawn or garden 

An additional person in the house can equate to an increase in consumption of 150 litres per day. 

If there are more people in the house than usual this may be the reason for the increase in your bill. 

Water use tends to increase over the warmer months. The best indication is to compare your bill with same time last year, not the previous bill.

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