Direct Debit

Save time and never miss a due date by setting up a direct debit

Direct Debit is a simple and convenient way to pay your water bill.

Direct Debit makes it possible to arrange periodic payments directly from your bank, building society or credit union to pay your water account.

Weekly, fortnightly, monthly and full account value deductions are available through our direct debit facility.

Weekly & fortnightly direct debits will be withdrawn on a Thursday.

Full value direct debits will be withdrawn on the first Thursday after the due date. 

Monthly direct debits will be withdrawn on the next Thursday following the end of each month. 

To establish a direct debit payment facility please complete the below form. 

Note direct debiting is not available on the full range of bank accounts. If in doubt, please contact your financial institution. 

Before completing this form, please read the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement and Important Information


Set up direct debit

Your contact details
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Property and account details
Direct Debit payment
Bank details

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no additional cost, however your normal bank transaction charges may apply. 

No. Only the account you nominate can be used to pay the bill.

Yes, Direct Debit does not relieve you of your obligation to pay in full, by the due date.

A message will appear on the front of your Water Account “This account will be paid by direct debit as per
your request”. Your financial institution statement will also show the direct debit deduction.

It is YOUR responsibility to notify us should your circumstances change. Contact our customer service staff on 02 69220608

Should there be insufficient funds you may be liable for (certain) bank charges. If the third attempt is
dishonoured then Riverina Water may terminate your Direct Debit arrangement.