Assistance for Undetected Leaks

Had a leak? We may be able to help.

If you have experienced an undetected water leak, you may be eligible to apply for a rebate.

Riverina Water is not responsible for plumbing beyond the water meter. However, where possible we try to support those customers who may have been impacted by an undetected leak at their property. 

Undetected leaks are typically discovered due to an unexplained increase in usage in your quarterly billing cycle. You can complete a simple check for a leak at your property.

What is an undetected leak?

An undetected leak is where there is no visible sign of water loss, and both the fault and/or loss could not have been reasonably identified prior to Riverina Water issuing you an account.

Am I eligible for an undetected leak rebate?

  • The fault must be repaired by a licensed plumber
  • The application for assistance must be submitted within 30 days of the due date shown on your bill
  • No previous assistance for an undetected leak has been granted to the owner/s of the property within the last three years

How do I apply?

Complete the online application form and ensure you have a digital copy of an invoice from your licensed plumber (eg PDF, JPG, DOCX).

Apply for leak rebate

What type of support is available?

If your application is eligible, rebates may include charging your consumption at the current flat rate only (for stepped tariff customers) or adjusting your account based on past comparative consumption. 

What exclusions are there?

Applications may be denied in instances where: 

  • Water is found seeping, spraying, pooling, bubbling, running, flowing, gushing etc.
  • There is dampness on the surface, in walls or floors
  • There is additional or unusual growth of grass or vegetation
  • The loss of water was the result of faulty plumbing fixtures (eg taps, toilet cisterns, hot water services, cattle troughs, sprinkler or irrigation systems, air conditioners)
  • The property is connected via a non-standard water service
  • The leak is due to a known or recurring issue
  • The fault was repaired by someone other than a licensed plumber

I'm not eligible for a leak rebate. How else can you help? 

You can apply for a payment extension or please call us on 6922 0608 to arrange a payment plan. If you are suffering financial hardship, please contact us.

Further information

Read our Assistance for Undetected Leaks Policy.