Backflow Prevention

Backflow Policy

Part 1: Introduction

1.1 Policy Purpose
This policy has been developed to protect the quality of Riverina Water  water supply and deals with the risk of contamination by backflow from customers' connections back into Riverina Water's potable water distribution and reticulation systems.
1.2 Policy Objective
The objective of this Policy is to:
 Provide clear guidelines to assist Council staff in making determinations relating to protecting the potable water supply via backflow prevention.
  • Provide information to members of the public, plumbers and other stakeholders about the selection and installation of backflow prevention devices and the Council's role in backflow prevention.
  • Ensure that non-complying properties are brought into line with the requirements of this Council Policy, Plumbing Code of Australia and the Australian Standard AS 3500.1.
  • Ensure that a backflow register and records are maintained. Ensure containment devices are provided and that these devices are equal to or greater than the downstream hazard.
  • Ensure annual testing is carried out by a qualified person and is added to the Council backflow register.
  • Investigate non-compliance and ensure enforcement of this policy.