Who Supplies Your Water?

Wagga Wagga and the surrounding region is blessed with a good supply of water for domestic, commercial and industrial use.


a body formed on 2nd May 1997 specifically for this purpose and operates under the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1993.

Council members consist of 5 elected members from Wagga Wagga City Council
and one each from Lockhart and Urana Shire Councils,
and two from Greater Hume Shire.

From Wagga City are Councillors:

Gary Hiscock (Chairperson)
Rod Kendall
Andrew Negline
Paul Funnell
Kevin Poynter

From the Shire Councils are Councillors:

John McInerney, Greater Hume Shire (Deputy Chairperson)
Doug Meyer, Greater Hume Shire (OAM)
Greg Verdon, Lockhart Shire
Ian Kreutzberger, Urana Shire

The major change is that there is no longer any association with Electricity Supply. Your County Council is thus a specialist water organisation, with a charter to provide safe reliable water at the lowest sustainable cost.

Riverina Water should be seen as locally owned. It operates within the Local Government System on a non profit basis and is not required to pay a dividend to any other body. It is required to pay some state and federal taxes including the recently increased licence fees for river and underground water. Apart from that all income is used to meet operating, construction and replacement costs of a supply system valued at around $100 million.

There are over 30,000 customer connections to the system which also provides water for fire fighting and some other unconnected consumers.

Riverina Water County Council can be contacted at at 91 Hammond Avenue (Administration, Waterworks, Depot & Store) or by phoning the local water operator in the rural area. Telephone numbers are listed under "W" for water in the white pages of the telephone directory.