About Riverina Water

The formation of the larger electricity distributors in 1995 precipitated a review of water supply administration.

As a result, Riverina Water County Council was formed on 2nd May 1997, specifically for the purpose of water supply and operates under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993.

Drinking quality water is supplied to all customers continuing a tradition of more than 80 years of high service standards by a leading and innovative utility service organisation.

The County District covers an area of approximately 15,400 square kilometres and contains a population of approximately 67,000 people. An estimated 60,000 people are provided with water through some 26,000 service connections. The location and development of groundwater sources has been utilised over the last thirty years, and bore water now supplies three quarters of our production.

The following diagram shows the area Riverina Water supplies.

Area of Supply



To provide our Community with safe reliable water at the lowest sustainable cost.

Goals include:

  • The provision of appropriate levels of service, building on our reputation, and providing a comprehensive water supply to customers.
  • Operation, maintenance and construction of assets to meet levels of service, incorporating continuous improvement / quality processes.
  • Recognition, training and care of our human resources to maximise effective skills and job satisfaction.
  • Financial policy and pricing that is both effective (in what it produces) and efficient (in what it costs).
  • Protecting the community and the environment as a good corporate citizen.